Elona Krasavtseva is a lyrical soprano from Moscow, Russia. She performs classical and popular songs in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish and Yiddish languages. As a singer and a songwriter she won several music awards in Russia as well as in the US.

Elona was classically trained in Moscow, Russia, where she had started her musical career in 2006 as a perfomer of traditional songs of various nations. She had performed at Moscow concert halls, TV and radio shows, and many other events in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, Canada, Romania and other countries. In 2014 she had relocated to Florida, USA and now sings for music lovers arriving from all over the world.

  • Russia's National Treasure Award in 2012.
  • First Prize at Folklore Festival in Minsk, Belarus, 2013
  • First Prize at Contemporary Romance Authors in Moscow, Russia, 2013

  • 2019 Sibirian Balalaika Show. Live with With Ensemble LAD. Check Availability.
  • 2017 Russian Souvenir. Russian Traditional Songs. Centaur Records. Available on Amazon.
  • 2009 Maxisingle The Jail. Music by Elona, lyrics by Mikhail Andreev
  • 2009 Russian Traditional Songs. Available on iTunes.
  • 2008 City of Love.
  • 2007 The Gardens Were in Bloom. Songster dedicated to Anna German.